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For a glamorous appearance of your property

Our Mission

When it comes to the maintenance and management of your property LBT AG is the best address. Our company was founded in 1989 and has been continuously growing ever since. We are your competent, reliable partner for interior and exterior cleaning; garden services and plant care; property maintenance and relocation transportation.

We look forward to a good working relationship!


You, our valued clients, are at the focus of our activities. We would like you to be completely satisfi ed with our services. In order to ensure that we succeed even better in this aim we have long been ISO 9001 quality management-certifi ed by Swiss TS Technical Services AG. As a member of Allpura, the professional association of Swiss cleaning companies, we are always up-to-date as regards occupational safety and prevention.



A well cared-for property and clean rooms can make a major contribution to your company’s positive image. Why not simply put us in charge of this task?

Property maintenance

When it comes to the day-to-day handling of infrastructure a friendly, farsighted and efficient caretaker is indispensable. His all-round capabilities come to the fore in a diverse range of specialist areas, all requiring mutual trust.

Green areas

Plants are more than just a feast for the eyes. Simply looking at green plants can help you to relax without becoming tired. Providing loving, professional care is a task we find satisfying and is our top priority.

Relocation | Transport

Don’t let your relocation weigh on you too heavily – we are happy to take the load off your shoulders.

We coordinate and plan relocations and transports, carrying them out on schedule and with the greatest care and attention. We have the required know-how and conscientiousness to transport even bulky furniture; fragile materials and valuable items.

Waste disposal

Out of sight, out of mind. With us as your waste disposal partner you can put your mind at rest.

Do you have large quantities of waste to dispose of? And are you surrounded by a sea of junk because there is no space for interim storage? Not a problem for us. We can dispose of waste for our customers – safely, professionally and in an environmentally friendly way.




LBT Facility Services AG

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